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sheith zine - PREORDER + updates

$32.00 USD
  • sheith zine - PREORDER + updates
  • sheith zine - PREORDER + updates
  • sheith zine - PREORDER + updates

book specs
5x7in, perfect bound
about 100 pages of illustration, sketches, and wips
(5-6 of these pages are text of me blabbing about how much i adore this fandom and also fanfic recs!!)
flipthrough here

stretch goal sticker ✦ has been reached!
all orders will include this sticker :)
about 3.5in round
matte mirror background or holo stars, haven't decided yet
waterproof and uv-resistant!

this is a PREORDER, available until january 22nd, 2024. if you order this plus any other items in the same order, the entire order will ship in late february. if you'd like items outside of the zine to ship asap, please place a separate order for those items.


2/14/2024 ✦ zines have arrived! :D i'm still waiting on business cards and freebie prints, which will be included for every zine PO. i should be able to start shipping next week!

2/5/2024 ✦ zine order has been placed! eta for me is february 23rd, which is a lot later than i would have hoped for. i've updated the listing to reflect this from previously 'late january to early february.'

2/3/2024stretch goal stickers and the second proof are here!! i'll work on formatting issues/editing this weekend, and hopefully i'll be able to put in the final order before end of sunday.

1/29/2024twitter poll has closed for the stretch goal sticker effect - holo is the winner :)

1/23/2024 ✦ second proof was sent to production! i originally wasn't going to do a second proof, but i wanted it to be perfect.